Engineer ✓ profile at present

The 21ST century has brought with it a series of very important changes in society, comparable to those experienced in the Industrial Revolution. The advent of the Internet, the technological advances, the increase of the population or the new panorama of the global communication are some of the factors in charge of marking a before and a later in this new era. Engineering has played a fundamental role in this set of transformations, since it is a profession with a very globalized perspective, always in continuous development, and that makes technique and society evolve at a frantic pace, giving rise, among Other aspects, to a remarkable improvement of the quality of life.

In this sense, it should be noted that the profile of the engineer remains one of the most required in the current labor market.


In this way, the professionals that are formed in these times have to face new challenges. The increase in population, in addition to the progress made in recent decades, has led engineering to raise new challenges that will ensure the survival of future generations and the prosperity of the planet.

Improving certain aspects of quality of life has resulted in a problem of sustainability that needs to be solved. For example, new sources of energy are needed today and environmental degradation will stop. More and more processes and services require an energy supply and increasing demand, so it is very difficult to meet these requirements in a sustainable way.

The generation of CO2 in unassuming quantities is another of the elements that challenge engineers, as well as the emergence of phenomena such as acid rain or global warming, arising from the use of fertilizers and industrial combustion. It therefore Urges the design of countermeasures to solve these problems.

The Engineer must also be aware of the scope of communications as one of the challenges he will face in the coming years. Communication is Probably one of the fastest-moving sectors, thanks primarily to the digitalization of information. The fact that the quantity and size of the data being transmitted globally is increasing, requires the need to look for systems that improve the speed of these processes.

Engineer profile at present.


To reach all these competencies marked by the society and To have a successful career it is essential the formative period and the work carried out by teachers, but equally important are the qualities and skills of the people who receive the training. Engineering is a dynamic discipline that demands profiles with The ability to continually face new challenges. In other words, it needs a collaborative philosophy to achieve agreements that make a profitable project.

Attitudes relating to collaboration and negotiation will be more effective in ethical and honest professionals in their work. The engineer must have initiative, be a dynamic person with confidence in himself, which will also positively influence his ability to withstand failure. In Addition, it must have a developed social commitment and a true empathy with the environment, without ever losing sight of responsibility with the environment.


In the field of engineering a new paradigm is looming where the development of generic skills is prioritized. These highlights the skills to communicate effectively in an oral and written manner, to function with a multidisciplinary perspective on decision-making and problem-solving, the emphasis on collaborative work and the ability to engage in a Lifelong learning.

Many expert educators believe that the skills are enduring, contrary to what happens with knowledge, especially in the training of engineers. Companies currently claim professionals with a number of specific skills in order to eliminate existing barriers between supply and demand.

Companies need highly analytical professionals, capable of selecting information, analyzing it and synthesizing it and then transmitting it. The ability to analyze is one of the qualities that most identifies engineers and, perhaps, one of the most used in their professional life.

On A daily basis, engineers must communicate among multiple departments of their companies to coordinate the movements of people, machines and other resources. If An engineer cannot manage these relationships and communicate their needs, productivity will decrease.

The goal of both companies and professionals is to achieve efficiency, so acquiring the ability to solve problems is essential.

This is evident in the case of industrial engineers, who must observe a production process and find a way to produce more using the resources available, always limited, and try to use the most suitable technique for each particular problem.

One of the restrictions of any project is the limited time for its realization, so having the ability to work under pressure without impact negatively on the results is another necessary skill.

It Is practically impossible to eliminate the risk and have at your disposal all the information in an accurate and unmistakable way, so the uncertainty becomes a valued quality in the professionals of the engineering.

Engineer profile at present.


In Addition to the competences of each branch of engineering, all must have a minimum knowledge acquired for the realization of the profession. It Is The case of languages, a task that should not be neglected in our day due to the increasingly globalized world in which we live.

Desirable Features In An Engineer

The engineer must be a highly qualified person to provide practical and informed solutions to the problems that may arise within its scope. Your ability depends on the quality of the solutions you can offer.

The skills that will be seen below are fundamental features of his profile.

Leadership and proper understanding of information

The engineer has to be able to filter, separate, and organize the information to define and make decisions. He Must Have The ability to lead groups of people, train his subordinates, in time, delegate, in addition, should be able to listen and convince, looking for the well-being of the whole group of collaborators. A group United and committed to work gets better results.

Analytical Capacity

It is the ability that allows you to find a way to raise problems simply by separating important elements and deciding what to focus on to get more efficiency.


It is one of the main features of the engineer, he must invent, discover and apply his knowledge in a practical way. This feature is the best letter of presentation from the engineer.

Ability to communicate

The engineer does not work alone, is supported by a team with which he must have the ability to communicate and transmit his ideas. To transmit them in a clear way, understandable to work in a team in an organized way. Master the technical language with which you work, which is why you should be a constant trainer of your team.

Ability to work in a group

The engineer must know how to listen, not to underestimate any criterion of his team, he must achieve with his attitude to engage everyone with the work, to make others feel as responsible as him of the task that is being carried out, must have the capacity to recognize Mistakes and rectifying them, accepting suggestions from the collective so that a satisfactory balance in the performance of the work is achieved.

Engineer profile at present.

The Professional traits of the engineer

The profession of the engineer, like the rest of the races, be called Sciences, letters or humanities, has special characteristics of the person who will exercise it, and the first thing that should have who is going to choose to devote to such a noble task is vocation for it. An Engineer must have the following:

Awareness and professional ethics

The engineer must, above all, respect his profession. Engineering is a profession that must base its principles on regularities and science. By no means shall the engineer violate them. Sometimes, by violating these rules, large disasters, collapses of buildings, and fatal accidents arise.

At all times you have to do your best depending on the work you do. To Be responsible and to Be respected by subordinate staff, previewers of problems and, above all, honest.

Engineer profile at present.

Ability to solve problems

Academic preparation is an essential element, added to its ability to innovate and offer revolutionary and efficient solutions to problems that arise in the shortest time and with less cost.

Attitude to research

Every problem that you have, you must assume as a challenge of your professional career, you must investigate, consult bibliography, and other colleagues in search of a real solution without being overcome as difficult as the problem.

Constant overcoming

It must encourage a constant interest in the new. The study and the updating are fundamental premises of the professionals of the engineering.

Engineering as a profession

Engineering is a profession because it uses science in its full extent in a practical and organized way in order to give the natural resources an optimal use in relation to society.

It Is a profession that aspires to higher standards of discipline, is committed to society to provide the best service.

Engineer profile at present.
Engineer Attitude

Certain qualities that need to be used in solving problems are neither knowledge of real facts, nor skills. Together constitute what is

Describes better as an engineer’s attitude or viewpoint.

Cultivating A questioning attitude and a curiosity of how and why of things will allow engineers to obtain a lot of useful information and many usable ideas. Doubting of different facts, requirements, characteristics etc.

for Making them prove themselves, especially when they are deeply rooted issues or concepts, can really be very helpful.

It will Also have to face many situations that owe their existence to the custom rather than to reason. In dealing with prejudices, pressures and traditions, efforts must be made to have objectivity in evaluating and making decisions.

An engineer Is expected to assume a true professional attitude towards his work, to the people he serves, to his colleagues etc, in the traditional way of professions. The true Professional serves society as an expert in relation to a certain kind of relatively complicated problem.

The Professional obligation comprises more than just living in accordance with the trust placed by those whom it serves and which are affected by the works carried out.

Engineer’s skills for professional success

When selecting new engineers for a company it is essential to have a humanist look, as the person is able to put more focus on interpersonal relationships.

Proactivity and self-learning ability

An engineer is no Longer expected to only wait for orders to be followed. They Are expected to take proactive action to solve problems and, even more, propose improvements even if they are not urgent.

The need for a spirit of continuous improvement and excellence is fundamental. In the same way, self-learning to solve problems is a necessary feature, since it is no longer possible to accept that a professional will simply sit idly by because he does not know how to do something.


Ability to accept «defeats» and continue to work towards achieving goals. That Is to say, to understand that failing is once also part of the experience; As long as you know how to overcome and learn to anticipate not to stumble on the same stone.


Today the only safe variable is change, those who can adapt continuously will be the people who have the most opportunities.

Social Skills

The technical capacity is no longer enough to be a professional of excellence, but it is necessary to complement them with the social capacities. Only then can a person deliver their full potential.

This includes working as a team, interdisciplinaryly and with communication skills; In addition to the ability to mobilize people in the processes of change that is appropriate to lead. All this, complemented by the executive skills that engineers require today.

Engineer profile at present.

Broad Management of Executive Skills

These are very necessary to be inserted in the modern company with the competences of leadership, communication, teamwork and linkage with the medium.

Identify Environment conditions

Today’S engineers need to be able to proactively identify the conditions of the environment, ability to interpret the signals they are receiving, and capture how they are inserted and found solutions to them.


The ecosystem requires engineers with the ability to innovate permanently, considering the added value that this entails and the sustainability of the environment where it is inserted. In this, they must look for the balance between economic development, caring for the environment and caring for people, always looking forward.