Frecunte questions

In this article you will find information related to our website

Do you send a product somewhere in the world?

Lol In this blog we only talk about news and updates concerning all types of engineering.

Do you have a customer service?

Of course! Our team of collaborators will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to give you a unique attention.

What is the format and continuity of the publication of news and articles?

The news is made every two days and online. It is not allowed to broadcast images and download files from live and harmful experiences.

How does this website work?

This site produces news related to the types of engineering, labor fields in which they could be performed.

Can the elements be reproduced? publishes articles and news to share experiences, which are included in articles and news of interest in which reference is made to the types of engineering that exist. Because they are the product of work and research. They cannot reproduce them, because their publishers ‘ copyright, much less, should not give rise to a total or partial impression of 100%.

How do I make publications on this website?

We are open to receive all these experiences continually, for all those people who want to share their stories and make them viral weekly, you can contact us ( to send your experience. Written in this email so you can use it to publish it. Logically we give all the credits as editor.

How can I get in touch with you?

At any time, if you wish, you can write and complete our contact form that is described in one of our pages at the beginning. If you want, you can also leave us comments about this content or the other, that’s their point of view. See, we are open to you, we are leaders in feedback as a search engine of the world.