Commercial ✅ Engineering

Commercial ✅ Engineering

The denomination of the university career of commercial engineering can refer to us that this is a relatively young specialty, however it is not.

It was born at the beginning of the TWENTIETH century, for the year 1903, at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium, parallel to the creation of its school of Commerce Solvay. Taught in most of their universities. It Is a multidisciplinary specialty where technical-scientific and social knowledge is combined.

Commercial Engineering, what is it?

It is based on a business science that is responsible for employing knowledge of basic mathematics is really important to know, calculus, statistics, operations research, quantitative methods, administration, economics, finance and marketing for the Social and business problem solving; Thus becoming an integral discipline and an extensive field of action.

It Is One of the branches of the administrative engineering that uses knowledge of economic and administrative sciences, which are really important, and of the engineering as tool by the application of information technologies to the businesses, which is a field of knowledge of information systems engineering.

In this sense it is closely related to economic engineering and software engineering.

Commercial Engineering

History of commercial Engineering

Its principles date back to 1903, when it starts to teach the School of Commerce of the free University of Brussels; Those who wish to obtain the degree of commercial engineer require to have previously achieved the academic degree of «Bachelor in Commercial Engineering» or «Bachelor of Business Engineering» from a university recognized by the State.

The main lines of specialization in commercial engineering are accounting, marketing, economics, administration, and international business.

The Humanist or scientific commercial engineering?

The career of Commercial Engineering, provides a scientific-technical and humanist preparation based on a competency-oriented orientation.

It relates all humanist preparation to scientific training, so students should not necessarily have a fully defined vocation, but they can observe different areas according to their interests or skills.

It then Covers a very varied training, combining the humanist aspects with the scientists, where the students have a contrast in terms of the nature of the areas to be studied, which gives them an integral formation.

Commercial Engineering Career

The Commercial Engineering career has as a main focus the business management. It combines management with the economy, studying the business relations of the company, both national and international Court.

It Is aimed at the development and execution of business solutions, according to business models, in the area of administration, taking part in the production and organisational management decisionmaking, inspired by the process engineering, from there His name is «engineering

It Is An interdisciplinary branch, its area of study is the commercial interrelations of a company, both national and international, using business knowledge, projects, operations research, finance, marketing, mathematics, Statistics, quantitative methods, economics, administration, and information technologies, for the solution of social and organizational difficulties; In this way it becomes a discipline with an extensive field of action.

It should be noted that in terms of information technology, the professional of this discipline should rely on computer engineering that today is applied in many technical processes

The student interested in this career will see subjects such as administration and finance, mathematics, statistics as well as micro and macro economy. Also, you will receive knowledge in everything related to the management of personnel, accounting, marketing, and business, between a range of subjects.

Advantages and disadvantages of a commercial engineer

Advantages Extensive work out, in public institutions and private companies.

High Levels of knowledge about different disciplines. The race combines social training with the scientist, which makes it easier to analyze the capital available in a company, in order to carry out the action plans.

Learning the foundations of an organization to create their own business project.

It Develops the capacities to understand the economic and financial processes of an organization.

It Combines economic factors with social aspects associated with the human resources of a company.

Subordination to the economic factors available in a company to carry on developing the necessary strategies.

The own risks that bring with it any decision associated with the economic field.

Stress or pressure Scenarios for the impact of a new project or to apply changes in established strategies.

Extensive Labor Competency.

Commercial Engineer Profile

He Is A professional marketing specialist, proactive and strategic, because he works according to the behavior of the market; It employs marketing tools and business management, as it has the necessary skills to produce innovative projects based on the application of business plans, inspired by market opportunities and innovation.

It Possesses skill for abstract reasoning as well as for logical-mathematical processes. It Is competent for human resource management and teamwork as well as for physical resources. It Has an ideal skill in math and Marketing.

The Commercial Engineer acquires training for:

To Examine the external environment of companies, posing alternatives for the resolution of business difficulties.

Develop simulation patterns of companies in order to forecast country risk contingencies.

To Use the management information systems in the different operating spaces of the companies.

To Implement the statistical instruments of production and operation to make forecasts. In This area applies knowledge of production engineering.

To Manage the requirements for materials and services for the sustainable progress of international trade policies for companies.

Strategically Execute the functional marketing space in an organization.

To Take strategic business measures in the fields of Finance and Foreign Trade.

Those Who are set to follow this race must preferably possess creativity and imagination, as well as great capacity to observe, deduction analysis and synthesis.

Commercial Engineering
Functions of the commercial engineer

Its functions depend on the speciality in which a person has been received, although not all the universities where this race is given have mentions or specialties.

Commercial engineers in general are professionals who operate strategic management, operational management, such as the fields of marketing (or merchandising, creation process and exchange of goods and services), business and finance.

Strategic management refers to the company’s long-term actions, and operational management is associated with the administration and human resources that enable an organization to leave properly.

As for the occupational field and job offers, commercial engineers have a wide variety to choose from. In Addition, it is known today that if you study this race, you will be placed in positions of:

CEO (Chief Executive Officer, maximum manager of the management and administrative direction of the company)

Director or Manager in both private and public companies.

Being more specific about the functions of a commercial engineer, we find that it can be developed in functions of administrator or executive of companies in fields of:

General direction Marketing
Production (Value added and after-sales service)
Human Resources

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