Control ✓ Engineering

Control ✓ Engineering

The Control engineering is strongly related to the behavior of the systems that are handled in an automated way, so that a control engineer will be in charge of elaborating various systems that maintain the attitude desired by the creator.

What IS control engineering?

It Is A branch of science that encompasses the areas of mathematics and informatics, to put it together in order to design, manufacture and carry out multiple maintenance to the tools that will elaborate the processes that the engineer imposes before the configurations made.

With regard to the topics that are addressed within this engineering is observed the abundant use of the theory of the control (the area that takes care of the attitudes that adopt the systems), of the Theory of systems (the science that investigates the characteristics applicable within of the systems regardless of the field in which it is located) and finally with the automation.

Field of work of the control engineering

Taking into account that control engineering frequently handles the issues of computer science and mathematics, the professional of this career will have the knowledge to apply their skills and skills in large companies that need the Some control engineer so that it can develop various automated tools, so you can facilitate the work within the facilities.

On the other hand, we mention that the engineer in control can maintain the position of supervisor of the automated systems, detecting the errors that may exist and therefore fix it as quickly as possible, followed this, this same subject will be able to carry out Multiple maintenance to keep the system in perfect working order.

It Should be noted that the control engineering career prepares the student so that it manages to propose the advances within the technology, making that the instruments that are used within the human labor environment are easier to use and therefore generate Less work for the individual.

Ending with the opportunities that can have the graduate of this branch of science, we mention that companies can provide the opportunity for this professional to stay in the area of research carried out in science in order that P Uedan to be born new ideas that benefit the industry.

Control Engineering

Process Control Engineering

This is a branch from the control engineering that aims to train professionals with the skills of development, adaptation and management of the stages of change existing in the natural resources products that will be used by the Individuals of a population.

Labor Field

Taking into account the bases of your knowledge, this engineer will be able to apply his skills in the industries that address the areas of chemistry and oil actions, followed by this, the professional will be able to work in companies that are dedicated to the control of the Industrial and residual waters so this individual will investigate the processes of the same.

On the other hand, the Process Control engineer has opportunities for work to develop in the food industries By conducting various studies to the treatments that run on it.

Finally, the graduate of the University of Engineering will also be able to be a teacher of some university, so it will make an inheritance of his knowledge stored of his career and will give it to the students who aspire to have the university degree of Process Control Engineering.

Master in control, automation and robotics engineering

The Master of this career allows him to expand in a great way the knowledge of the individual, while in the same way will change the vision that this maintains with respect to the world of the work environment in order to gain a greater reputation among the society of the Ingen Sacred and achieve success.

This Study gives the professional the title of Master in Control engineering, automation and robotics so that he can make a weight within his curriculum synthesis and improve the opportunities with respect to the positions in the work, as a company will prioritize Hiring an engineer with a master’s degree, leaving second place to the graduates of the university and without any specialization.

Within the benefits offered by the Master of this branch of engineering we find that the engineer will improve his ability to solve problems that may occur to him within the routine, so you will find his quick solution and disappear in a way Simple, on the other hand will increase your skills with respect to the themes of the design, development, installation and maintenance of automated control systems.

Therefore, the professional will maintain the knowledge polished with respect to the control for the vibrations, which it is of great help to him that it can work in the field and manages to solve the problems that are presented to him.

It Should be noted that the Master of Engineering control, automation and robotics will make the professional develop multiple tools that reduce the damage to the environment while facilitating the work that can be done by an individual.

Control Engineering
Control and automation Engineering

This Engineering is in charge of the creation, development and constant updating of the systems that can be governed by certain norms proposed by the Creator whereas this same tool uses the least amount of energy to collaborate with the maintenance of the environment.

Taking into account the knowledge that a control and automation engineer can obtain this one will be able to apply its skills within the basic industries for the human being, as it can become the oil company, the companies of use, control and Electric power transformation, industries that are dedicated to the manufacture and export of health medicines and ending with food processing companies.

Automation and industrial Control Engineering

This race is linked in great way with the engineering in automation and control, only that it fulfills the characteristic that makes the difference between both that this science is in charge of the automated systems within the services of the technology that cover Areas of automation and automatic control.

On the other hand, this career will focus on giving you the knowledge about control engineering for heights jobs, so you will expand the opportunities for jobs in the world.

Following this, the automation and industrial Control engineer will be responsible for the creation of the instruments of changes that improve the quality of the projects carried out while in the same way facilitate the existing position in the workers who They manage the machinery of the industries, therefore minimizing the use of energy of the same to collaborate with theenvironment.

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